Equipment for Fighting vehicles
Assemblies for Sight TPD-K1 (Laser range Finder cum Day Sight)
Range Measuring Unit (RMU)
This senses and registers the outgoing and the reflected Laser Pulse. It Processes this data and calculates the distance of the lased target and displays the same on the digital display on this Unit. This data is also fed to the gun control equipment which aligns the Gun on to the target.
Range Input Unit (RIU)
Controls logic for firing of main and machine gun thus ensuring the firing after all necessary inputs to the firing system have been completed
Electric Unit (ELU)
This Unit in conjunction with another unit computes the travel of the tank after the main gun has been assigned to a target. This computation is fed to the gun laying equipment which adjusts the elevation and azimuth positions to compensate for the movement of the Tank thus giving the Tank the capability to fire on the move. compensation for movement of Tank for firing on the move very accurately.
Multi-Output Power Supply (PSU)
This is a Multi output power supply with different voltages and current capacity. This meets the power requirements of the Sight TPDK-l and the Laser Range Finder.
Multi-core cables No.4, 5, 6 & 7
These are waterproof cables interconnecting the above mentioned assemblies to each other and to the main sight TPDK-1. The cable bunches are encapsulated in special thermosetting insulated waterproof material.
These potentiometers form part of control handle with the gunner for rotation of the sight in the direction the gunner desires to observe. The position of the curser on the resistance coil determines the position of the sight.
Electronic Sub-assemblies for Module - D
Pulse Amplifier: This is a very low noise sensitive amplifier which converts received (reflected) laser pulse into electrical pulse of TTL level. This in conjunction with the sent laser pulse enables computation of the range of the lased target.
Capacitor Charging Power Supply: This power Supply charges the main capacitor for operation of flash lamp in the laser cavity.
Ignition Block: This unit operates the flash lamp when the operator presses the Ranging button.
Automatic Control: This controls the operation & logic of the above units.
This is the main Searchlight mounted on T-72 for use by the gunner. The Diameter is Approximately about 325mms. The lamp used is Xenon Arc Lamp.
Smaller Searchlight mounted on T-72.This is smaller than L4A and uses a tungsten lamp.
Normal Headlight used on Tank T-55. This tank has been phased out.
This is a normal Headlight for driving at night. It has a collapsible hood attachment wherein it can serve as a blackout headlight in times of war.
This is a modified version of FG-125 Headlight with an attachment for working as an identification light and also displays two digit numbers.
This is an Infra red headlight for use with active Night vision devices. It is equipped with an Infra Red Filter.
Tank T-55 & BMP
Winding Assembly for Starter Motor
Search Lights
Temperature Sensors for Lube Oil and Water
Infra red headlight for use with active IR or enhancing the range of Passive night vision devices.
Electromagnet EMT 81: This Electromagnet is used in the Automatic Loading mechanism of the Tank T-72 and T-90. The Automatic loading Mechanism enables the gunner to select type of ammunition as per his requirement based on the target to be engaged. This Magnet develops a force to lift approximately 90 Kgs weight.
Electromagnet EMT 11: This Electromagnet is also used in the Automatic Loading Mechanism. This develops a force capable of lifting approximately 50 Kgs of weight.
Electromagnet EMT 10: This is similar to EMT 11. However it differs in the mechanical mounting on the Tank.
Electromagnet EMT 76: This is a miniature Electromagnet used in memort devices and also in Electromagnet EMT 81 as an auxiliary switching device.
Electromagnet EMT 74: Another small Electromagnet developing a force of approximately 10 Kgs.
Main Battery Switch for Tanks
This is a manually operated switch carrying the main current to various devices of the Tank. It has a continuous rating of 200 Amperes at 28 Volt DC and is capable of withstanding carruent surges of 2000 Amperes for upto one minute.
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor has been developed for monitoring water as well as Lubrication oil temperatures in the fighting vehicles.
Slave Starting Receptacle
This equipment facilitates starting of an armored vehicle with the help of another armored vehicle. It has a capacity to operate at very high currents upto 1500 Amperes for a short time to enable starter motor of the vehicle to start the main engine. The two Vehicles can be connected through this equipment by means of cables.
Laser Warning System
Laser Warning system was developed and successfully tried out on Tank T-72. This equipment would offer warning to the commander whenever a laser beam would be incident on his vehicle. It would also indicate the direction from which the vehicle had been lased. This would enable him to take immediate evasive action by moving his vehicle from the lased position and also fire smoke grenades in the direction of the incident laser beam to hide his evasive action.
EMT-10, EMT-11, EMT-74, EMT-76 EMT-81

Battery Chargers

Our battery chargers are based on SMPS design. Consequently they are highly compact, light weight, rugged, and their modular design makes them very easy to maintain.

The battery chargers are equipped with constant current, constant potential, short circuit and over current and reverse battery protection. Any specific feature to the customer’s requirement can also be incorporated.

Chargers fall under the following categories:

Battery Chargers for Ni-Cd Batteries
Battery Chargers for Lead Acid Batteries

night sight

To be updated soon...

Sight For Day Use

1 Field of View 12 0 + 0.5 0 Degree
2 Magnification X4 + 5%
3 Eye clearance 38 to 45 mm
4 Resolution 0.12 mrad or better (under full day light condition)
5 Reticle Pattern As required.
6 Reticle illumination Red LED illumination with press of a switch. Source is 2 Button Cells Type LR 44 (1.5V each)
7 Axial Light transmission (Visible region) Not less than 50%
8 Parallax 1 minute maximum.
9 Collimation w.r.t. mounting plate axis (a) Azimuth: + 12 minutes max.
(b) Elevation: + 30 minutes max
10 Diopter setting -0.5 D to –1.5 D
1 Over all length including Rubber eye guard, OG & EP covers 300 mm + 7 mm
2 Overall width (Base) 80 mm+ 2 mm
3 Weight including mounting arrangements 570 gm + 30 gm
Note: This Sight can also be adapted for weapons.

Test Equipment

We at Combine of Engineers design and manufacture our own test equipment for the equipment we manufacture. We also undertake the design and manufacture of Test equipment as per customer's requirement.

The Test Equipment are Electro-mechanical, Electro-optical, purely Electrical or Electronics in nature.

Some of the Test Equipments produced are:

  • Integrated Test Equipment for Passive Night vision devices.
  • Test Equipment for Image Intensifier Tubes.
  • Custom built Test equipment for testing of assemblies,subassemblies and complete optical systems.
  • Custom built Test equipment for testing of assemblies, subassemblies and complete Electronics and Electrical systems.

Measurement Equipments being manufactured are as follows:

  • Low Light Level Measurement Photometer.
  • Transmission and Reflectivity Measurement Equipment.